Boutique Apartment Agency

Management service you can depend on

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Specialist Property Managers

The Apartment Specialists employs managers known as the finest in the industry. That is why our property management division is known to be a team of experts. With a combined experience of over 55 years, few people have the diverse and in depth knowledge of apartments and their buildings as our staff do. As specialists in their field, all our property managers are dedicated to being proactive in their style and thus ensure that your apartment is treated as their own.


Zero Vacancy

Our property managers, manage and our leasing executives, lease! We are proud to employ a dedicated staff of leasing executives.  All our executives are dedicated to only leasing apartments and thus can provide you with a far superior service and further enhance our reputation for achieving the highest possible rent for your apartment. Longer than traditional open times means more open for inspections. Our through understanding of the product and market means that you can be assured that your apartment is rented in the shortest possible time, for the highest possible rent. We strive for zero vacancy across our entire portfolio of apartments. This is consistently achieved.

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Project Leasing

Whether it is a single apartment, or an entire building of 250 apartments, we know how to get results and get it done right. With unrivalled experience in the project marketing and management of apartment buildings, we pride ourselves on leasing and managing large volumes of apartments at once. Understanding and assisting a large volume of apartments and landlords in one building is a task we have completed for many years and we welcome the opportunity to assist with yours. We will bring a level of marketing expertise and project marketing techniques, which will ensure that your apartment is presented to the market as a one off, whilst being part of a large volume of apartments.



As part of our procedures and methodologies for the ongoing and long-term protection of your apartment, we guarantee that every tenant shall undertake a 45-minute induction into the operation and leasing of your apartment. During this compulsory handover process all tenants are provided with a thorough operational briefing as to living standards and building regulations, which we expect. As a result of our unrivalled experience in the management of apartment complexes you can be assured that all tenants are educated prior to occupation in the appropriate standards and techniques for the long-term protection of your apartment.