Owners Corporation

As a tenant you would have received a copy of the owners corporation rules and regulations. It is the tenants responsibility to read the rules and ensure that you adhere to them. Please note that any violation of the rules may result in fines and/or eviction. If you have not received a copy of the owners corporation rules, please urgently contact your property manager as your occupation in any apartment building is subject to them. We advise that the Owners Corporation manage all elements outside of your individual apartment. Should you therefore have issues with lifts, carparks, foyer or other communal areas we confirm you must contact them directly. 


Your car park is allocated to your apartment, if you have a car stacker, you should abide to the rules of the car stacker system and which section your car is allocated to. You should not under any circumstances be parking in another resident’s car park, visitor’s car park, business’s car park or disabled car park. Should you do this the owners corporation will tow your car away. 

Please note the allocation and use of car parks is out of a property manager’s control. If you face an issue within the car park, please contact the owners corporation as soon as you can.