Boutique Apartment Agency

Cardiologist, Obstetrician,
Ophthalmologist, Pediatricians.

They are all doctors, but you would only let the specialist operate on your eyes. So why just let any real estate agent lease and manage your apartment?

The Apartment Specialists provide a unique level of service within the apartment industry. Our staff represent our clients in a way thats relatable and provides premium service. We know the ins and outs of the property industry and because of our specialist knowledge within the apartment market you can be assured that when working with The Apartment Specialists your investment will be looked after by professionals. We pride ourselves on specialised knowledge within the apartment market. We also specialise in buildings en masse and provide you with property executives that can provide professional advice with your apartment. As we manage multiple apartments in the same building we can also provide you with market analysis and also building analysis. We pride ourselves on our knowledge in apartment buildings, dealing with owners corporation, tenants and external stakeholders.


Our Team

We are honest, relatable & provide premium service. We are problem solvers who can rectify any issues you may have. As we have all come from different backgrounds, we understand that all clients are different and have different needs. We take pride in being able to provide specialised services that cater to these needs. Every person in our team has joined because they are specialists in what they do and how they interact with people. We are all committed to what we do and we will provide you with seamless service and peace of mind. 

We have Melbourne covered

Our portfolio of buildings across metropolitan Melbourne provide an insight into our capabilities and understanding in the marketplace of the Melbourne apartments. The diversity of location and precincts is a strong reection of our achievements and is a worthy validation of our name, The Apartments Specialists. This product knowledge will ensure that your investment apartment is sold, leased and/or managed by a pure apartment expert who will provide the highest possible service to your needs.